Extraordinarily Minimal, Ethereal Compositions

After hearing a song on KEXP (where DJ Riz was doing his usual late-night ambient dub set), and after Riz mentioned the name of the artist and that he was Vancouver-based, I checked the online playlist (which is not nearly as cool as Digitally Imported's playlists, which automatically create a forum thread for that song for people to comment on it and give it a rating) to see which song it was. I forget the name of the track, but the artist name was Loscil, and immediately I decided to create a PubSub feed for the artist syndicated on my aggregator, and thanks to that, I found a short post with a link to an MP3 of Loscil's "Lucy Dub".

A profile at Epitonic.com does a good job of describing what I've heard of his so far: “His recipes are simple: start with a simple, gently fluctuating synth pulse, add a steady drumbeat, layer with chilly sound effects, and tweak slightly. What you get are extraordinarily minimal, ethereal compositions which exert a narcotic pull on the listener's consciousness. Not much happens in Loscil's music; the drama is in the sounds' essence, in the shape and texture of distinct tones, in the myriad microscopic variations which take place in the course of each hypnotic piece.” The official Loscil site has some streaming samples of his work, and the Kranky record label profile goes into some detail about how he chose the name "Loscil" and where he went to university (my alma mater, Simon Fraser University, it turns out).

For more links to Loscil that I come across in the future, check the items I tag as such in del.icio.us.