Verducci's Escapade

For Christmas, one of the gifts I received was a year-long subscription to Sports Illustrated. Since it comes every week, I haven't had a chance to read a lot of them, but last month Tom Verducci wrote an article about what it was like to play in Spring Training with the Toronto Blue Jays, my favourite team ever since I heard there was a thing called Major League Baseball. (My favourite Blue Jay of all time, if you must know, was Jesse Barfield.) The article is available to subscribers, but SI published an interview Verducci conducted with himself about the 5-day experience.

Batter's Box, now one of my favourite weblogs, even though they call themselves a magazine, which covers the Toronto Blue Jays (and to a lesser extent, baseball in general), recently featured an article on Verducci's article, saying that “marketing these days, especially among younger fans, is viral, and it’s through online promotional pieces like Verducci’s and posts like the one I’m creating here that buzz gets generated. Word gets around, especially when any American news outlet shows interest in a local product. I’ll bet Sportsnet ends up carrying a short feature on Verducci’s escapade, if it hasn’t already.”

Batters Box has more coverage of the Verducci article:

Though they don't publicize it, I read Batters Box through its RSS feed—or rather get notifications of new articles, because they don't publish the full article in the feed. No matter: through the magazine, and through Management by Baseball, I've rediscovered a love of watching baseball, despite not yet having any TV channels on which to watch it.