Pledge Drive

On March 3rd, I'll be participating in a bowling tournament to support Big Brothers. I'm taking pledges for that if anybody would like to donate. Contact me privately (or leave a comment) with your pledge. Canadians get a tax receipt for anything over $25.

Also, starting March 1st, I'll stop drinking Coke for a month. I'm down to one a day this week (from more than one a day), with a remarkable zero this past Sunday. I'm still taking pledges for that as well. Here's how it's supposed to work: you pledge a dollar amount to Creative Commons, an alternative to copyright in the United States and abroad or Vancouver Community Network, a non-profit Internet services provider, then if I drink a Coke at any time during the month of March, I subtract 5% from the principal. Convoluted? Absolutely. Will it have the desired effect of making me feel even worse about breaking down if indeed I break down and drink a Coke? Who knows. I've already pledged $200 ($100 each) to myself.

I'm a micropatron.

In related news, upon immediately reading Jason Kottke's move to work on full-time, I became a Kottke micro-patron. His remaindered links alone last year was worth the $30 I contributed.