Lunch Recommendation: Bombay Bhel in Burnaby

I had lunch on Saturday at Bombay Bhel with my dad in Burnaby. The food was excellent: I had the lamb vindaloo with naan bread which was very spicy and very tasty. The ambiance was just right, not upscale but still comfortable: nice art, hip music (but not too hip!) and the lighting was just right. Also, the two servers we had were non-intrusive and both very pretty. One had an English accent, so I thoughtfully indicated interest when she mentioned dessert, only to hear her voice while she talked about the menu, even though secretly I was too full.


Bombay Bhel is by far the best Indian food in Vancouver, hands down. I can honestly say that people have not had good Indian restaurant fare until they've tried Bombay Bhel. Great dining experience, you won't be dissapointed.

Vij's Rangoli in downtown Vancouver is also excellent, though the crowd is probably more upscale than what Bombay Bhel is looking at.