Matt, he of the end-of-year tasks, posted his new years resolutions, as did many bloggers. Mine, a few hours late, appear here.

(A note: I will be updating them throughout the day as I remember what they are.)

  1. already enacted: comments enabled on almost every post, including this one. Comment moderation is in place, though that mostly just means making sure the comments are from real people. The exception to the rule will be sidebar 'asides' that have both the following conditions: the external link has comments and I don't make a commentary but rather just summarize. In other words, if I make commentary, or the external link doesn't have comments, comments will be enabled on the 'aside'.
  2. date more. Shouldn't be too hard, seeing as how I went on three dates last year. But "more" means substantially more. Change of attitude: worrying and second-guessing resulting in Not Dating (tm) is harder work than not worrying, not second-guessing, and taking action.
  3. read more offline materials. That means reading the weekly magazine—Sports Illustrated—that I got a subscription to as a Christmas present, and more books. Since I've kept track of the books I've read since 2002, all I have to do is count the items in the list for 2004 and read more than that. And plus, I went two months at the end of the year without finishing a book.
  4. subscribe to fewer than 250 feeds by the end of January, a nice compliment to #3. Could be problematic because I expect the number of work-related feeds to increase.
  5. more quiet time away from a computer or TV. Also a nice compliment to #3.
  6. a sane sleep schedule, a sane diet, and a sane workout regimen. I don't know what the first two mean, but the last one means "get outside and take a brisk walk for at least a half an hour each day". The gym is no fun: I get nowhere with nobody and see nothing interesting.

Cliché as those may be, those are my resolutions for a happy new year. I miss 2004 (it was a very good year for me), but I am also very excited about 2005.


Couldn't resist stopping by to say Happy New Year...and inaugurating your comments! If I were to make resolutions, I would share some of the same ones you have written. I too am feeling a need for fewer blogs in the aggregator and more hours reading off-line, exercising and sleeping. Good luck with your comments - thanks for opening them.

Finally down to less than 250 feeds, after moving some to the Urban Vancouver aggregator and the the Watching China aggregator, but it took me until mid-February to get there.