The Best Season in Baseball History

Nathan: “the simple fact of the game is that the team that never makes an out is impossible to stop. Bonds' .609 on-base percentage shatters his old MLB record of .582 (2002). The next best seasons ever are: Ted Williams 1941 (.551); Babe Ruth 1923 (.542); Bonds 2003 (.529). Bonds has three of the top five single season OBPs of all-time, and his .609 this season is 58 points higher than anyone else has ever accomplished. Bonds' 2004 season is 10.5% better than any single season OBP any other player has ever achieved! (Second place this season was Todd Helton's .469 OBP.) It is on the strength of this mind-numbing stat that I believe Bonds' 2004 season is the best season in baseball history.”