Marty Beckerman: “There are some major differences between Generation X and what I'm calling Generation Slut. Its sort of creeping me out because I'm 20 which really shouldn't be considered that old but like I'm starting to notice that the kids I've been talking to or just reading about who are like 13, 14, 15 are of a completely different mindset than I or any of my friends were at that age. I'm kind of out of it at 20. I'm culturally obsolete. Our whole culture targets the age sixteen now. Twelve-year olds want to be sixteen and fifty-year olds want to be sixteen and I think we're idealizing a very young age, probably younger than has been in the media before.”

I'm going to hate reading Generation S.L.U.T. because it's going to remind me of how much I thought I enjoyed high school after I was done and how miserable I really was during.