The Familiar Arguments About Immodesty And Lasciviousness

There has been a surprising amount of discussion about clothing and nudity in the news items and weblog entries I've come across today. Hopefully that is a sign that there will be increasing nudity in my life.

Michael Leahy: “Through the 20th century, nudity and semi-nudity remained the foreboding frontier, to be divisively crossed, over and over. A glimpse of ankle, knee, thigh: Each, in turn, prompted the familiar arguments about immodesty and lasciviousness, complicated in the second half of the century by the arrival of feminism, which railed against "objectification." But even there, ambivalence wafted. Was something like the miniskirt exploitative or empowering? Was it a celebration of freedom and beauty, or just another tool designed to liberate only men seeking more pleasurable objects to ogle?”

Naked Condo: GGW culture is apparently ubiquitous, on the bus on the way to work I saw a big sign "Spring Breakdown, [buy something] and get a free trucker hat!"”

In today's Vancouver Province, I learn that the Richmond School Board is permitting girls to wear clothing with midriff showing. This from the proposed dress code:

NO:Exposed thongs or underwear.

NO:Excessive exposure of the midriff.

NO: Clothing with offensive language or images, and anything that encourages racial slurs or bigotry.

YES: Anything typical of a workplace -- buttoned up shirts, dress pants, suits.

YES: Comfortable clothes that allow students to participate in phys ed, science experiments or shop projects, such as sneakers, hoodies, T-shirts, sweat pants, track suits.

YES: Anything that demonstrates self-respect. Peace T-shirts, anyone?

MAYBE: A little tummy showing.

MAYBE: Clothing with beer/alcohol logos.

MAYBE: Hats worn indoors.

I love the sub-headline: “Code aims to clear classrooms of clothing styles that impede learning”. Instead, how about clearing classrooms of teaching styles that impede learning?

It's been a while since I've been a teenager, but my guess is, just like the people who tell them not to have sex, the people who tell teenagers to wear more clothes rather than less are the enemy and are not to be trusted.