You As People, Not As Publications

Phil Ringnalda: “Even though I know I'm not getting to know a whole person, just the parts that you choose to publish about you, I still think of you as people, not as publications, and it's your personal voice that attracts me to your blog.”

If they had introduced themselves to me, I would have known what the people Sam Ruby met at a conference I wouldn't be caught dead at were responsible for. Okay, I wouldn't mind being caught alive at said conference, just because I know some cool people are there, but I'd rather meet people in small groups than at a busy conference. That said, I have a colleague who drops names of fellow Vancouverites with weblogs and more often than not I say "who?", to which he replies "he's [insert-their-URL-here]"—and yes, more often than not it's a "he"—to which I say "oh, I don't read that site", which is just my way of masking the fact that I either never heard of that site or have it linked on the Vancouver Webloggers links page and totally forgot about it afterwards. And of course, in the future, your weblog name will be your family name.