Girls "Have Been Duped"

Vanessa Richmond: “these celebrity-inspired clothes are skimpy. And a major adult criticism of the current skimpy clothing trend is that it turns girls into sexual objects. Sybille Artz, a professor of child and youth development at the University of Victoria, worries about the fact that many girls say "sexy" clothes make them feel powerful and confident. She says that shows girls "have been duped."”

What I find interesting is the assertion at the end of the article that teenage girls are more conformist for wearing skimpy clothing than rebellious. The print article (but not the online version) shows a young woman who is attending McGill wearing a comfortable (pink) sweatshirt, casual pants and a baseball cap, and for some young women, that can be incredibly sexy. As a guy, girls showing skin naturally grabs my attention, but I've always been interested in the girls that had great bodies and wore comfortable clothes. To me, it said something about their personality: they were more interested in feeling good than looking "perfect". I'm not against girls wearing skimpy clothing, but when it doesn't reflect who you are as a person, you're doing it for the wrong reason. If you have a great body but would rather feel comfortable than have to squeeze into an outfit, then yes, there are guys who are into those kinds of girls too.