Defining "Having Sex"

Alanna Mitchell reported Saturday on results from surveys of youth defining what "having sex" means. The study evidently only asked straight people what "having sex" means. No word yet on what gays, lesbians and bisexuals think.

When safe-sex educators talk about limiting the number of sex partners to avoid infection, that message, too, may be understood differently by younger Canadians, who may be counting only those with whom they have had vaginal intercourse with orgasm, said co-author Sandra Byers, a psychology professor at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.

I wonder how many younger Canadians think that anybody who tells them to limit their sexual partners is the enemy and is not to be trusted. It also looks like young women are smarter than young men when it comes to equating vaginal intercourse as sex if there was no orgasm. No word yet on what percentage of young men or women think that intercourse without orgasm is bad sex.

On "cheating": “The study also found that when it came to sexual jealousy, the students were prepared to say that almost any activity — including deep kissing and on-line sex — amounted to being unfaithful.” No word yet on the percentage of young men or women who have read Heinlein, who has said that jealousy is evidence of insecurity and that because sex is fun, it should be done with as often and with as many partners as possible.