There Isn't Any Sense Of WASP Snobbishness

Marty Beckerman: “So it's important to be rich if you live on the East Coast, especially cosmopolitans like New York, Boston and Washington. Of course, money is important on the West Coast as well—try getting a mortgage in Beverly Hills with $70,000/year—but there isn't any sense of WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) snobbishness regarding which Ivy League you're considering for grad school, when your ancestors immigrated to America, and how many international law-firm internships you've garnered by age seven. (Correct Answers: Harvard; on the Mayflower; fifteen, not including your father's.)”

Tom Mangan on Beckerman: “His ambition to be a professional writer dates to like the second grade or something.”

If I have ever a kid (just one), he—or preferably she—will be required to want to be a professional writer by the second grade or something too.

Tom links to an interview he did with Beckerman when the latter was 17.