A Damned Silly Thing

There is an update to the entry below, but keeping with the spirit of the Web (and breaking with my traditional practice of deleting posts I have second thoughts about), it remains published.

d is arguing that that girls are unhappy because they are trying to follow the body type of a superstar. She uses J.Lo as the example in the comments (which are worth reading too), but she means whoever the superstar of the time happens to be). Unrealistic body types is not the problem, however, but rather one of the means used to solve the real problem, which is the waning attention heterosexual women (still the majority amongst women) are receiving from men (still the majority amongst men).

Since the sexual revolution, women have been using a rather effective weapon in getting the momentary attention of men: showing skin. I should know: today I was trying to study today when a young woman with rather amazing cleavage lied down on the couch in front of me, face facing me. It became too difficult to not look at her boobs. So I did as any red-blooded man would do: I looked at her boobs. I'm confident that she didn't do that on purpose, because, let's face it, rare are the times when girls seek me out in particular for attention. But as soon as I realized that it would be impossible for me not to look at her boobs, I got up and left, and sat in a rather uncomfortable cafeteria seat. But I claim victory, because both goals of getting some studying done and not being a creep by staring at a girl's boobs were accomplished in one fell swoop.

So this girl was hot, and yes, partly because she also conformed to the body-type that we see in magazines like (ugh) Cosmopolitan and its only slightly less worse cousin Maxim. But the solution is not to shame the advertisers or to encourage girls to eat better (or more, which is different), but to change the culture of dependency on sex as a means for attracting guy's momentary attention. It's gotten increasingly difficult for women to do this and maintain dignity because they have constantly lowered the standard, while men just sit back and enjoy it. “As anyone knows,” writes TheYeti, “ignoring women is absolutely the best way to get them to follow you around like puppy dogs - especially at a young age. The need for attention, coupled with a newfound, "women embracing their sexual needs" meme led to guys getting laid with little or no effort. So now, guys were more than fed up with all of these antics. They started not only ignoring women, but actively trying to stop them from coming around, unless it was for drunken, dirty sex.” After women realized this, they had to take drastic measures: “Lipstick lesbianism. Few guys can ignore the sight of two girls dancing close, kissing, or touching each other suggestively without at least spending a good ten minutes staring.” The lesbian kiss between Madonna and Britney was an colossal error in judgement for heterosexual women's sake: it further lowered the standard to which women must drop to attract the attention of men. First it was skin, then it was sex, and now it's faux-lesbian sex. Instead of being themselves to get a man, women now have to think about which women they need to fuck to get that man.

Note that I didn't say long-term attention in the above, because sex is a perfectly valid way to do that, so long as the trade-off becomes a female having sex with a man in exchange for long-term commitment. Think about it: what do men really want? Free sex for life, and one partner usually will do just fine. What do women want? Attention and love. (Well, don't you?) That is the crux of this article and this book. Advertising and superstar models and actresses are just part of the feedback loop: women want to be skinnier, so they idolize skinny models, who then project the (false) image of a healthy woman, making women want to be skinnier, and so forth. The ultimate goal, however, is not to be skinny, but to grab men's short-term attention. If short-term attention is what you want, then, short-term attention is what you'll get. But's a damned silly thing to want and women are doing it in a damned silly way.