TheYeti: “It's always about control. Women want to control how you approach them, but they never respect you when you don't break the rules. Their whining is another form of that control.”


In another comment, TheYeti writes:

If your dating life is unsatisfactory, it's your fault. Yours. You set the rules. Stamping your feet petulantly and complaining about the actions of others is a sign of weakness.

Having the strength to say that this is who I am and this is how you will treat me is a surefire recipe for finding someone.

This both goes against me, since there are numerous examples of my complaining about the paucity of fine young females chasing me, but it also goes for me., but that's only a very recent thing: I've been trying to establish who I really am. The real me doesn't go to bars, doesn't try to initiate romantic relationships (as much as I want one), enjoys staying at home and reading a book or hanging out with friends at the bowling alley on Friday nights, and is a closet asshole—well, not so closet anymore. Among other things.