Golden Rules, ha!

Since I usually disagree with rules (well, not so much disagree with rules per se but bristle at how they often come across), here is my response to Ten Golden Journal/Blog Rules (original no longer available):

  1. You're allowed to make personal posts that only your friends will understand. There's nothing wrong with inside jokes.
  2. You're allowed to write however you want, with whatever spelling you prefer. (Myself, I use Canadian spelling with superfluous U's; 're' instead of 'er' word-endings; and I regularly misuse semi-colons and em-dashes.)
  3. Post however long a post you want. Short posts can be informative too.
  4. It's a nice courtesy to say something "I've been pretty busy lately" when you haven't blogged in a while. It saves from people having to ask in e-mail. You don't have to though. Your weblog is your space, not mine.
  5. You're allowed to be offensive. Backing up your claims is not necessary, but probably helps your case.
  6. Your weblog is your space: delete, edit, update, etc. however you please. If you don't like what someone else has said on your space, you're welcome to delete it. If someone wants to comment without fear of editing, they're welcome to get their own weblog. If you're going to delete a user's comment and they left an email address, it's courteous to explain privately why. But there's no requirement to.
  7. There's no requirement to be original. Of course, the more original the weblog, the more readers it's likely to get. (Despite lack of originality in the actual text of Just a Gwai Lo, having an original name for this weblog with a story behind it has helped, in my experience.)
  8. I agree with #8 of the Golden Rules actually. Stealing is wrong.
  9. There's nothing wrong with making a little money from your personal website. There's a really good essay on the subject.
  10. This can be rephrased as "Write as if you only have one reader: yourself". If you're writing with the goal of increasing your audience, however, give them what they want or they'll stay away.