Song obsession

Another song obsession.

Yeesh. Another sugary, ecstasy-influenced thug song that I'm obsessed with: Ja Rule's "Down 4 U". I actually have a problem with this review of the song, because the message isn't totally positive. Let's look at the lyrics:

[Ja Rule] Baby girl, would you bust your gun wit me?
[Ashanti] Yea, yea
[Ja Rule] Lie to the Feds if they come get me?
[Ashanti] Yea, yea
[Ja Rule] And if I died, would you kill for me?
[Ashanti] Yea, yea

Yeah, getting a woman to promise that she would shoot someone, commit purjury, or murder in revenge for your death is not sending a positive message.

And unlike the reviewer, I've pretty much always liked Ja Rule as a rapper (despite the fact that I own exactly zero of his CDs). I just like his flow and gruff (but not too gruff, like DMX) voice.

A mini-pet peeve I have with recent rap songs: they sample or steal choruses from other rap songs that aren't even that old. Like the new Bone Thugs'n'Harmony song that lifts an Outcast chorus. Or the Ashanti song that takes the beat from The Notorious B.I.G.'s "One More Chance (remix)" (that was a sample too, but still). I've heard at least two songs that bite the Luniz' "I Got 5 On It" beat. Here's a Usenet thread discussing rap songs that sound similar to other rap songs.


god, that ashanti song drives me INSANE. i always think it's the biggie track for the first few seconds and then get really grumpy when it turns out not to be. sampling is fine, yeah.. but wait at least 10 years before you sample something. or something. *grumble*

I think I'm going to go sample "Without Me" right now.