Right Wing Envy

Jack Shafer: “A Nation writer who, say, wants to use humor or wit to make his point mustn't abuse gays, blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Ralph Nader, foreigners, women, the infirm, working stiffs, Indians, Mohammed (but Jesus is fair game), whales, or any cultural stereotype. This leaves him just one angle from which to compose his point: Stupid White Men. Such is the state of left journalism that Michael Moore has made a career out of painting and repainting this mono-mural.”

Right-wing journalism is so fun because it's in your face. Right-wingers are unafraid to call people idiotic because of their beliefs, rather than their intelligence. (Left-wingers, on the other hand, are unafraid to call people idiotic because of their lack of intelligence; right-wingers don't use intelligence of people as the basis of their opinions.) Left-wing journalism is boring because it is basically the same doom and gloom story we've heard since the 1970s.

I have right-wing envy. But then again, it could be the America-envy I've had since my first visit to Portland 2 years ago, which is now almost to the stage of jealousy after returning from my third visit.


move to Portland. but be warned, they are very left wing there. try eastern Oregon for the righties.

Portland is very left-wing, yes. But y'know, my politics have been turning left lately. Just that I'm still disenchanted with a lot of the rhetoric on the left, so if there's a left-wing philosophy that's not self-loathing or doom-saying, I will enthusiastically explore it.

how 'bout you just have your own ideas and go from there? ;)

Oh, I got my own ideas alright. Most of them just don't fit within a generally recognized political philosophy. Which is why I need to start my own cult, uh, I mean political philosophy.

wow, with a response time like that, who needs IM??