Dating since college

Why, oh why, have I had so much trouble finding a decent date since I left college?

“The real reason that you've had trouble dating since you left college is that you're fucked -- and not in good way either.”

  1. Yes, I'm totally fucked demographically (my current job is not dating-friendly, considering it's a small work-place with primarily older, and I mean older, women).
  2. I didn't have a fucked childhood. Sheltered, maybe. But not fucked.
  3. Yeah, I have unrealistic expectations originating from the media. Not like like the ones talked about there, but still.
  4. My friends are assholes for not introducing me to nice, single women in the way described there. It's mostly "hey, this is my friend Sue" with no enthusiasm or intent on saying why they think we'd get along. P.S. I'm talking about my friends who (I'm hoping) don't read this site.

I found this when I was looking for this in Google. Silly me, I had already linked it.


that's a pile of hooey. i dont have a job that lets me meet girls (homeoffice), my childhood was normal, the media machine doesn't disillusion me *that* much, and not a single one of my friends have ever set me up with any girl. ever. there are other ways to get dates man, you just have to not try or care about getting a date so much and let the world bring girls to you in random/interesting ways.