Canada Among Worst in Health Care

Canada ranked among worst in health care Fraser Institute report by Heather Sokoloff

This headline should read: "Pro-private health care group thinks publicly-funded health care sucks".


Actually, the numbers are real and the conclusions they draw are pretty common knowledge. I remember some of the same research done years ago when I took a medical economics course. All systems ration health care. They have to, because there is no limit to the demands that can be made on a health care system. Cover all the basics, and there will be a demand for massage therapy, for herbal wraps, for spas- and all on the 'health plans' dime. So some ration by limiting resources. Canada does that; it simply says that there are x number of hospital beds and y number of diagnostic scanners and you get in line and wait your turn. The budget is set and you don't run over; you just stop treating people when you run out of space. Some places ration treatment; the UK didn't offer everybody all forms of chemotherapy. Caused quite a scandal last year, as I recall. Renal failure is a fatal disease in some parts of the world because there is no 'right' to dialysis. And some countries ration economically. The US does that; you can get emergent care for 'free' but everything else requires either deep pockets, deep poverty, or insurance. Canada is no better and no worse than any other country. It's *different* because it plays by a different set of rules. The health care you pay for is the health care you get. "You can have it fast, cheap, good, or any two of the three. Never all three at once."