Moby's Cop Out

re: Moby's post as quoted on Colene's site.

What a fuckin' cop out. Having an opinion on burning isn't really going to change anything? Please. With weather, it rains irrespective of your opinion of it. But burning CDs is done by humans, and opinions of important people (like Moby) matter. It's a little paradoxical, but if Moby came out against downloading music, the downloads would skyrocket, and if he was for it, his albums sales would see a jump.

I have another problem with the comparison of himself to Weezer (and of Weezer to Pink). Weezer's sales were high in the first week because of the fact they have loyal fans. All the loyal fans bought them during the first week, and the ones that aren't loyal fans (apparently a small minority of Weezer fans are not loyal) bought them later when they read about in the reviews section. (A similar effect happens to rap albums, which have huge opening weeks, and equally huge drop-offs in the next week.) And Pink has high sales not because her fans are likely to buy her CDs, but are more likely to buy CDs in general. The radio she gets played on, Top 40 Radio, is geared towards selling the most albums possible based on a single (or two). Weezer has a pretty much guaranteed haul because of their loyal fans.

And he claims to be not editorializing, but why mention the Pearl Jam effect in the first place? Like I said: it's a cop out. He compares himself to Weezer without stating that he is, and is stating opinions while denying the very fact that his opinions are pretty evident by his post.