Cougar Night Out

Cougar Night Out by Jack Murnighan

Just going to bring this one to the fore. As a twenty-something Canadian male, I can't claim any experience with the older set. It's probably because "cougars" are in the age group of the vast majority of my co-workers: women in their late 30s or early 40s. So I guess I equate dating a woman of that age with dating a co-worker (in a small workplace, no less).

After having seen Lovely and Amazing, I understand the lust the 17-year old 1-HR photoshop had for his unquestionably-attractive-but twice-his-age co-worker. Even so, one friend, who went to Australia for a year, said that dating older women is not what it's cracked up to be. This, he says, comes from the experience from dating a 33-year-old while there. So while there are cougar bars here in Vancouver too (I've been to most of the suburban ones, apparently), my friends are disdainful of anyone who gets picked up by one.

I would probably draw the line at my sister's age (which I will not reveal, but rest assured she was in high school when I was in elementary school), and would probably go even lower than that. If pressed, I could probably tell people what the age range would be more years older than years younger.

Anyway, I just confused a guy in IM about trying to explain that last sentence, so maybe it's time to stop.