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Yahoo! News - House Expels Ohio Rep. Traficant

"Only Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif., who was defeated in a primary for re-election after he was romantically linked with Chandra Levy, a government intern who was murdered, voted against Traficant's expulsion."

This has got to be the funniest part of the article. Traficant, if you were paying far too much attention to the Condit-Levy affair (oh, you know the pun is intended), Ohio Rep. James Traficant was convicted for accepting bribes (punished for getting caught? har har). Only in America would someone suspected by most of the nation (or at least its media) to have something to do with his intern's murder would think he can't sink any lower that he would vote against expelling someone convicted for bribery. Or possibly Italy.Update: There's more:

"Rep. James Hansen, R-Utah, presiding over the rare House expulsion proceedings, admonished Traficant more than once for uttering curse words during his defense."But even that's not enough: "Traficant is seeking re-election as an independent."

This guy has balls of steel. Also, the now former Representative's site, linked by the Yahoo! story, no longer exists.