Tiger Woods Sucks

Stunning 81 means no British Open title, no Grand Slam for Tiger Yahoo! Sports story: “Woods would go through glove after glove, trying to keep his grip dry. He took his hat off and went bareheaded so water wouldn't drip from it.”

Whoa, Tiger Woods sucked today. Actually, it took the full force of Mother Nature to keep him down (and his score up, way up). Finally a major golf tournament that Tiger doesn't win. Now that's news.


i agree that "tiger" sucks. not the man or necessarily the player but the media machine that is tiger. it has ruined the rest of golf for the real golf fan. "a tournament is not a tournament without tiger"?? that's what sucks. the pga was the pga before he came and it will be after he leaves. the media has diluted the golf fan base with people who care nothing, know nothing and would quit watching golf if tiger left. i have really enjoyed watching tournaments in tigers absence due to the fact that you get to see other players who are out there every week making a living. when tiger plays that's all you see and hear. "tiger farted this morning" like i give a rats arse about that. I would like to see the media focus on the sport and not the man. Leave the brainwashing to the CIA and leave golf alone for pete's sake.