Yahoo! Sports: NBA - Even without conviction, Iverson could be sanctioned: <q cite="http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news/ap/20020716/ap-76ers-iversonsfuture.html"">[Philadelphia 76ers v]ice president Dave Coskey said Iverson's situation hasn't affected ticket sales, but it is too early to make a determination. The Sixers were fifth in attendance last season, setting a franchise record with 25 sellouts. He could be a criminal (actually, technically he is a criminal, having been found guilty of various crimes), but that doesn't concern his employer. No, whether he still draws fans is the biggest concern. Also note the sentence at the end of the article: “His contract could be voided by the Sixers in the unlikely event they waived him.” Always read a news article the whole way through. The juicy stuff is at the bottom.

Weird, I've noticed a leftward turn in my politics lately. Hmm.