Michael Lewis: “You might think that I have would come away from this conversation relieved. It obviously could have been much, much worse. But a similar nerve had been struck, the one that is somehow more fully exposed in the male who must constantly defend his self and habits in a house of females. There was a time not very long ago when I didn't think twice of wearing the same hiking shorts for a week at a stretch, or even once of going a year wearing only the shirts that happened to be stacked on top. This was not sloth; this was not indolence; it was efficiency. A minute more spent dressing than was absolutely required was a minute wasted.”

He's been dressing his three-year-old daughter for three months, and her classmates have, well, noticed. What this man obviously does not understand about women, no matter what their age, is that efficiency is not the goal when it comes to getting dressed. It's efficacy. Getting it right. Even if it takes two hours.