Ambiguously vague duo

Andrew Coyne: “The Prime Minister's staff and various Foreign Affairs flunkies spent the next couple of days trying to spin away the split, but they needn't have bothered: vague ambiguity or ambiguous vagueness, it's still the same old Canadian fence-sitting. Mr. Chrétien and Mr. Graham are the Ambiguously Vague Duo.”

It's an unusual for Coyne to be discussing American foreign policy for the bulk of a column (he's a Canadian national affairs columnist). Oh well, good read. And that Ambiguously Vague that an alusion to the Ambiguously Gay Duo?

I wonder how Lefties would react to this quote: “And in return for all this; in return for land, and peace and aid; in return for democracy and freedom and prosperity; in return for a state of their own, whole and secure, with Israel's signature on the deal -- in return, Mr. Bush has the temerity to ask the Palestinians for a signal that this is in fact what they want. They can elect whoever they want, of course, even Mr. Arafat. But they can't expect the same package of goodies if they do.”