King George Stephanoupolous

Michael Kinsley: “Fox News is a brilliant experiment in overt, honest bias--the broadcast equivalent of its owner Rupert Murdoch's flagship right-wing tabloid newspaper, the New York Post. It has stripped a whole layer of artifice from TV news. What almost ruins everything is the network's comically dishonest insistence that it is not what it obviously is. I would love to know what Hume is thinking when he repeats with apparent sincerity the Fox News mantra, "Fair and balanced as always." Fox is usually fair but rarely balanced. In fact it is a good example of how you can be the one without the other.”

Maybe a better title for this website would be "SlateFilter". Ah well. Kinsley touches on something I've been thinking about for a while, namely the pretension of being 'objective' in news reporting. It's the reason why I like the National Post over the Globe & Mail. The Post is overtly conservative (the notable exception is on marijuana legalization, which it favours), and doesn't much care what its readers think about that. A better business model would have been to cater to all political 'faiths', but instead it chose the bias over balance. Bravo!