I Read The Economist

Glen Schraft: “On weekends, I like to sit out on my porch in my wicker chair with my bifocals and my subscription copy of The Economist. Then, when I go to a professor's wine-and-cheese party later that night, I can casually mention all the fancy stuff I read about NASA and Venezuela and Gen. Pervez Musharraf in my fancy magazine and impress everybody.”

“Question: Do you think I'm smarter than everyone else because I read The Economist, or do I read The Economist because I'm smarter than everyone else? Now, there's a conundrum! I should mail that one in to The Economist and see what they think!”

It's funny because it's true. I read The Economist sometimes, but usually only the editorials, the Asia section, and the book reviews section. And Bagehot once in a while, when it feels like my tenuous (at best) grasp of British politics is slipping. Yeah, reading the magazine makes me feel smart.