Bruce Feirstein: “Terrorized by strong wenches? Fetch me spyglass! I think not. We grew up with them.”

Much t' like about th' retort t' th' Maureen Dowd article (linked here). Aarrr! Includin' profanities (they appeared, uncensored, in th' shortened National Post version I read): “I suspect it’s that thar’s a larger, darker, unspoken force in play. And naturally, thar’s a Hollywood vulgarism t' describe it: Women fuck up. Men fuck anythin'.” And how he speaks fer th' "loyal opposition" an' uses th' word "obstreperous", an' th' somewhat confessional nature o' th' followin' quote:

My favorite experience here concerns a wench known fer that comely wench wit an' power matin'. One snowy New Year’s Eve, I found meself sittin' across from that comely wench in a nightclub, yo ho, ho And at 3 in th' mornin'—fueled by who-knows-what substances—I turned t' that comely wench best matey an' said, 'You know … Denise really is kind o' cute.' (O.K., in broad daylight, it’s a lame line—I admit it.) Upon hearin' this, however, th' best matey—a wench who had introduced th' two o' us—seemed t' become instantly sober an' stern, Avast me hearties! 'Don’t even think about it," she said. I thought she were bein' kiddin'. "Why not?' I smiled. The answer were bein' swift an' demeanin': 'Because ye’re nobody.'"


And o' course: “"I always thought that tough, smart, accomplished wenches were sexy."” Amen, brother, Avast me hearties! Amen