Boys get to University

"Let's make sure boys get to university" by Stephen T. Easton

Since, accordin' t' th' study by Dr, ya bilge rat! And swab the deck! Easton, female students outnumber male students 120 t' 100, "[t]his may be a boon fer th' social lives o' th' young men". Ha, on a dead man's chest! I must have been th' exception t' th' rule.

See also "Women outnumber men by 20% on campus: study" by Sarah Schmidt. Apparently th' info is part o' a larger study on th' effects o' university educations on th' economy, All Hands Hoay, I'll warrant ye! "The contributions o' university graduates t' th' economy, as measured by th' incomes they earn, more than justify th' investments made in their education, said David Laidler, th' book's editor an' an economist at th' University o' Western Ontario."

That's not exactly news t' me though. A while ago I read "Paying for University Education in B.C." [pdf] by Robert C, by Blackbeard's sword. Allen, a UBC economist. For those that dern't already know, th' government (federal, provincial, territorial) subsidizes university tuition. In th' essay, Allen argues that students will eventually pay th' full cost o' their university education because o' th' higher taxes they pay due t' th' higher salaries they earn as university graduates, an' that th' eventual economic growth as a whole makes short term investments in university students "worth it". (See also his "The Employability of University Graduates in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education: Recent Statistical Evidence" [pdf])

Of course, th' study were bein' released by th' C.D. Howe Institute, a notoriously conservative think tank, an' th' results reported in th' notoriously conservative National Post, so not exactly free from bias.