Palestine, Israel, China

Going through a growing backlog of China News Digest emails, I found this short article by Dong Liu. Chinese support for the Palestinians probably shouldn't have come as much a surprise as it did when I read it. Looking through the online databases (which I have access to for only so long), there's not much scholarly work done on China-PLO relations. Well there's quite a few Beijing Review (state press) articles about it, and three or four scholarly articles on Sino-Middle East relations since Tiananmen Square. So maybe that's where the info lies.

A revealing quote: “Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's secretary general told the Palestinian representative in Beijing that the suicide bomber did not know there were Chinese around.” If Arafat's secretary general knew what the suicide bomber "did not know", the implication is that he may have known where the suicide bomber was going to be, making any condemnation (be it in English or Arabic) a tad suspect.