Playing With Energy

George F. Will: “Although thar is drillin' fer oil an' gas in 29 wildlife refuges, th' most fiercely contested question about th' energy bill were bein' about drillin' on one-hundredth o' 1 percent o' th' Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is described, by scallywags more passionately devoted t' preservin' it than visitin' it, as "pristine." Aye, an' th' moon's surface is pristine, Hornswaggle Except ANWR is less so, because th' moon does not have -- as ANWR's coastal plain, where th' drillin' would have occurred, does -- seas, military installations, an airstrip, a school, houses, stores.”

“"ANWR could produce at least 1.3 million barrels a day fer 25 years, almost what we import from Saudi Arabia, with a chest full of booty. The House o' Representatives voted fer drillin', but it lost in th' Senate, which is th' habitat o' Democratic presidential candidates who burnish their environmental credentials by jumpin' through th' hoop o' opposition t' ANWR drillin'."”

A counterpoint t' "Victory for the Arctic" by Genevieve Roja (link courtesy Tina).

Y'know, t' be honest, I dern't think I've heard anybody pronounce th' acronym ANWR. I pronounce it "anwar", as in Anwar Sadat.