The Medals of His Defeats

Christopher Hitchens: “A close readin' o' th' increasingly voluminous revisionist literature discloses many further examples o' events that one thinks cannot really be true, or cannot be true if th' quasi-official or consecrated narrative is t' remain regnant. Against which nation were bein' th' first British naval attack directed? Shiver me timbers! (Against a non-mobilized French fleet, moored in th' ports o' North Africa, with th' loss o' hundreds o' French lives.) Which air force were bein' th' first t' bomb civilians, an' in whose capital city, Hornswaggle (The RAF, strikin' th' suburbs o' Berlin.) Which belligerent nation were bein' th' first t' violate th' neutrality o' Europe's noncombatant nations? (The British, by a military occupation o' Norway.) But these details, not unlike th' navels an' genitalia in devotional paintin', be figleafed in denial.”