Young School Board Trustee Candidates

Since th' election is almost o'er, 'tis likely too late t' recommend that scurvey dog now, but today Torontonians vote fer their council, mayor, an' school trustees, an' Matei Savulescu, a 20-somethin' livin' in Ward 7 Parkdale-High Park, is runnin' fer school trustee. Sacha Peter ran last year fer Richmond (B.C.) school board trustee as well, so it got me thinkin' about th' strategies young candidates might pursue t' get noticed in their campaigns, even elected, All Hands Hoay, All Hands Hoay! Are younger campaigners worse off, because they have t' think about school an'/or startin' their careers? Or is it just that their time pressures be no less than older campaigners, but that th' pressures be different?

Of course th' offline campaign would involve most o' th' time spent, which would involve door-t'-door visits (tough in high-rise neighbourhoods, I'm sure), all-candidate meetin's, leaflettin', media interviews, an' so on. Online campaigns these days would include havin' a MySpace site, a weblog, a campaign photo gallery, an' a little "search engine marketin'". Matei's site does fairly well in different combinations o' phrases like 'toronto school board trustee ward 7' (includin' variations like addin' 'parkdale high park', removin' th' word 'board', an' so on), comin' in th' top 10 fer each.

In a private conversation, Matei reported t' me that he had at least one person call that scurvey dog based on th' pamphlets he handed out. Almost by definition youth means inexperience, but ye dern't get experience by not tryin' because ye think ye won't win. In other words, it sounds like somethin' t' build on fer his next campaigns, whatever he sets his sights on.


The results be in, an' Matei got almost 9% o' th' vote.

Since the URL at which th' results be available looks anythin' but permanent, I'll repost them here:

Candidate Total votes % o'
total votes
Irene Atkinson 14755 79.589%
Christopher Swiat 2122 11.446%
Matei Savulescu 1662 8.965%
Totals 18539 100%