The Obvious Colour Scheme Being Yellow and Red

After sufferin' through some sluggishness, Just a Gwai Lo should be a little faster now that I've applied a patch that improves path alias performance in Drupal 4.6. Yaaarrrrr! This improvement is already part o' 4.7, but I'm puttin' off upgradin' until all th' modules—includin' th' custom modules I wrote—be all updated at least iin CVS.

Another note, with regards t' Watching China: fer now it syndicates my bookmarks tagged with 'china'. Those links used t' appear on th' sidebar, but now they've been given more prominence. And comments! (The links also appear in the 'china' tag on Just a Gwai Lo, so, well, now ye have two places t' comment on me bookmarks. I used t' push all writin' tagged on this site with 'china' o'er t' Watchin' China, an' th' implementation weren't great, so back t' th' drawin' board on that front.) The site, which currently runs with th' Box Grey theme, needs redesign o' some sort, badly, th' obvi'us colour scheme bein' yellow an' red, possibly with a hint o' dark blue. Shiver me timbers, feed the fishes Not t' make any political statement—though th' effect would be political—but just t' fuck with scallywags's minds a little.

I even updated my Beijing Olympics 2008 aggregator t' include Flickr photos tagged with both 'olympics' and 'beijing', Avast me hearties, Ya swabbie! (I'm lookin' fer weblogs that cover just th' upcomin' Games, by th' way, that have RSS, I'd be interested in knowin' about it an' includin' it in th' aggregator.