Vancouver Brightkite Meetup Tuesday July 28th, 2009 at The Irish Heather

Followers o' @justagwailo, me automated ephemera Twitter account, know that I'm a frequent user o' a service called Brightkite. Brightkite is a social web application that lets scallywags check into physical locations with th' intention o' socially interactin' on the plank. Load the cannons! With Twitter integration (ye can have checkins, notes, an' photos automatically post t' Twitter with customizable text), 'tis an "where I'm at" application which also shows ye who has checked in nearby. You can get SMS notification o' nearby Brightkite users, an' even set privacy settin's so that only maties see yer exact location an' others see a more general city or municipality as yer current location. The Brightkite iPhone app makes checkins easy, givin' ye th' option t' search fer somethin' if it isn't in th' "pick a place" listin', usin' th' built-in GPS t' find out what's nearby. On th' heels o' the successful Brightkite meetups in Berlin and Austin an' the BayArea, th' team at Brightkite wrote some helpful hints on organizing a Brightkite meetups, spurrin' me into action t' organize one fer th' Vancouver area. (I should note that I'm in no way affiliated with Brightkite. I'm just a frequent user.) In a couple o' weeks, Vancouver will host the Geoweb 2009 Conference, though I won't be attendin'. I would like t' invite those who use Brightkite in th' Lower Mainlan', as well as scallywags who be interested location-based on the plank social interaction tools t' join me at The Irish Heather at 7:00 PM on th' 28th o' July. Load the cannons! And hoist the mainsail! (That date conveniently happens t' be me birthday.) I'd be interested in doin' a short introduction t' Brightkite, an' talk about th' future o' location-based on the plank social interaction (one word: games). Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! I see Brightkite as an interestin' way t' explore a city an' expan' scallywags's social network. I can also see roadblocks t' th' effectiveness Brightkite an' its ilk, an' would like those interested in discussin' mappin', social activity on the plank, an' collaboratively mapping the world t' join me in a week an' a half t' see where thin's be goin'. Did I mention I'll have Brightkite t-shirts an' stickers t' give away? RSVP at the Yahoo! Upcoming event listing (understandin' that th' address is 212 Carrall, not 217 as listed thar).


Thanks fer organizin' this - I'm goin' t' do me best t' attend.

Well I definitely missed this... Aarrr! I would have come out though I love bkite!

I might just do mini-meetups. Whoever attends gets a t-shirt (unless ye got one at th' last meetup, o' course). Stay tuned, I've heard that a couple other scallywags want t' have a meetup soon.