Don't Forget the Moo

Rebecca has ordered Moo MiniCards, hoping she'll get them before Northern Voice, remindin' me t' brin' mine this weekend, yo ho, ho I still have quite a few left o'er from th' two boxes I ordered a year or two ago.

Here be th' photos that appear on th' cards I han' out. It feels weird t' give scallywags cards with me mug on it, but I thought maybe scallywags might forget what I look like after they've met me.

Are ye attendin' Northern Voice on Friday or Saturday? If so, which Moo card do ye want?

My MOO MiniCards

Join the Revolution: Fall in Love

Reykjavik From Hallgrímskirkja

Orange Dot Southbound at Dundas Station

BarCamp Vancouver Door Shift 25Aug06 - 3

Photo by Roland Tanglao.

Blurry SkyTrain Near Renfrew Station

Looking Serious Wearing New Glasses