Giro di Burnaby 2007 Next Week

Giro di Burnaby on the Heights

Next week, Criterium bike racers will convene in North Burnaby to participate in Giro di Burnaby. I was at last year's event, and it was pretty amazing seeing the speedy racers whiz by. I took some video using my cameraphone (each hosted by Amazon S3, so there are BitTorrent links as well, not that it matters really), as well as a few photos posted to Flickr. Looks like Terry Power posted some photos as well. I added the event listing to the Urban Vancouver events calendar, so it will show up in the upcoming events listing when the time comes closer. This year, I have a much better camera (a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi in addition to the Nokia N70 I took photos and video with last year), so this will be my chance to take some higher quality photos while figuring out how to capture fast-moving objects.

(Most of this post lazily recycled from my post last month at Urban Vancouver on the subject. Photo taken last weekend while on a bike ride through Burnaby Heights.)


Thank you for showing the Giro di Burnaby banners on your blog. I'm the artist that created the artwork in them as well as the art related to the Giro, including the bronze trophy for the winners. The Giro di Burnaby last night was a great success, more than 10,000 people attended, not too bad for the second year. Thank you for posting your pictures. I hope you'll come back next year. Regards, Luigia Zilli

I posted a few photos of the Giro di Burnaby 2007, which happened yesterday. It's a neat event that gets a lot of the neighbourhood out and about, much like Hats Off Day the month before. It seems like an event that should have staying power, like Tour de Gastown does, so I feel a little pride in having attended the first two Giros.