I Attended Last Night's Lily Allen Concert and All I Got Was This Lousy Cameraphone Photo

I attended last night's Lily Allen concert and all I got was this lousy cameraphone photo

Two security guards, one at the front and another inside, at The Commodore asked me to leave my camera at the coat check. I tried to sneak it in anyway, but got caught, by a third security guard. My quick thinking (a lie about how it slipped my mind) got me off the hook, but I still had to check it in.

I left after 6 songs. I first considered it after she came on stage wearing jeans (and not a wide dress like I thought she would) but even her banter about men with small penises didn't push me over the edge. No, the cover of a Keane song was the final straw. She's pretty, sings catchy tunes, and has a wide range of vocal styles, but she's made entirely of evil.