How would you go about setting up a “what to expect today” reminder for any given day in the future? I don’t want to have to dismiss it or have it become overdue. I just want it to be on my mind on a specific day, and go away after that.

— Richard Brynj ó l f s s o n (@sillygwailo) February 10, 2021

Let me set the scene. I’m up 4-3 in 1-on-1 mode in Rocket Leauge. This is a casual match, an opportunity for to warm up before hitting the ranked 2-on-2 competition. There’s about a minute left, with the ball in my opponent’s side of the court, so I’m setting up to save a shot from long range. (I’m positioned to the side of my net since it’s easier to move east-west to do a save like this than it is to move north-south.) My opponent dribbles, and, I suspect, lost control of the ball and is not able to get a shot off. As luck would have it, we end up locking the fronts of our cars.

Even before I knew it was unwritten rule number one of Rocket League, every time I ever locked up with an opponent, I always find it funny and keep doing it. In a team setting, I quickly realized it took that opponent out of the play, letting my teammate(s) take over. A 3-on-3 becomes a 2-on-2, a 2-on-2 becomes a 1-on-1. In a 1-on-1 situation, a lockup becomes a 0-on-0, which both makes no sense in terms of strategy, and is hilarious! Unless…

In this case, I was ahead with a minute left, and I think to myself “Great! If my opponent adheres to Rule #1, all I have to do is run out the clock!” So I pursue that strategy. Watch the video below to see it play out:

To my chagrin, Rocket League interprets a lockup between two 1-on-1 opponents as idle time, even though I’m flooring the gas, and moving because I had a very slight edge. Not knowing the timeout time, I thought the clock would run out first, and I would get the win. I don’t know who ended up with the win, either my opponent or myself, and since the stakes were so low, it doesn’t matter. But I found it very funny, and I’m very unlikely to find myself in that situation again.

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