Defining Gay

Julian Wilkinson discusses what's gay and what's not. Warning: the language is quite strong, so if you are a prude, you'd be well advised not to read this.

Ni Hao!

Chunshek and I had some fun in Yahoo! Messenger's Doodle IMVironment, and this was the result:


He wrote "hi!", I wrote "ni hao" (in Chinese, obviously) and he drew a smiley. We were silly boys tonight.

$375 Bag Ladies

Anne Kingston considers $375 Bag Ladies. I normally ignore Kingston's articles, but an article on outrageously-priced purses? Yes please!

It's more of a state-of-fundraising article than on expensive bags, which is disappointing, because I wanted to learn more about expensive bags and what makes them good (is it because they're expensive?), but these paragraphs will have to do for now:

Without getting Freudian about it (sometimes a silly Fendi baguette is just a silly Fendi baguette), a purse is an intrinsically female object. Women agonize about selecting the perfect one, as if the handbag they carry is the equivalent of parading around with their soul on handles.

From a fundraising perspective, purses are useful as they've transmuted into recognizable status symbols that signal their owner's success, her ability to thrive in the world. As a result, women are willing to pay stupid amounts of money for them. And far better that money benefit a worthwhile cause rather than the suits at LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

When a friend tells me they bought a new bag (a twice-monthly occurrence), I think I'll go back to nodding my head and saying "uh-huh, that's nice."

Michael Moore's Thuggery

David Edelstein says that Bowling for Columbine transcends Michael Moore's thuggery.

I only bothered reading the second part, because I'd like to see Michael Moore's film (even though I disagree with him if not politically, then for the shrillness of his beliefs). His latest rant (and it's just that, a rant) about how this movie is the best work he's done and that it will light a flame under the powers that be (prediction: no it won't). Awfully silly of him to ask his fans (who are going to see the movie anyway) to bring their family members and friends and as many people as possible so that the movie gets a good opening before it hits nationwide. So does he now believe that the way to get ahead in the movie biz is to play by its rules? I thought he was against playing by the rules.

Anyway, Edelstein points out that Moore might be on to something about why the violent crime rate is higher in the United States than in other countries, notably “Canada [which] has as many guns per capita"”. The culture of achievement where the losers are the losers forever, and that the only way out is by killing those who have kept them down.

The film, when I see it, will probably be preaching to the choir (I already favour gun control), but I like Moore as a filmmaker. There's more urgency in them than in his writings. Roger & Me, which rightfully made him famous, and TV Nation, the TV show, are what I'll always remember him for.


Apparently TiVO is destined for the ash heap of history.

And yes, I remember the Commodore 64. We had 3 in our elementary school classroom (was it grade 5? I can't remember.) Ghostbusters, if I recall correctly, was my favourite game then.

The War Will Be Fought On the Thong Lines!

Speaking of the upcomming U.S.-Iraqi war (hey, that reminds me, what are they going to call it, Operation Desert Liberation?) and visible thong lines:

sillygwailo: my site is turning into a blog about the war in Iraq. that and visible thong lines.
DJ SUBg: mmmm. thong lines!
DJ SUBg: the war will not be fought on the front lines!
DJ SUBg: it will be fought on the thong lines!