Adulthood Without Sex

"Adulthood Without Sex" by Phillip D. Harvey

"It is wrong to expect young people to be sexually abstinent until they are more than half way through their twenties."

But what if...oh, nevermind.

"Sexual relations are an important component of human happiness, and there is no moral purpose served by abstaining from sex if two people are mature and responsible."

No argument here.

Vegas: all bets are off

<a href="" title="In Vegas Politics, All Bets Are Off"">George F. Will: “[Democratic congresswoman Shelley] Berkley has not been helped by the redistricting made necessary by the fact that this is the nation's fastest-growing major city -- a city that prints a new phone book twice a year and that needs 12 new schools a year to accommodate 6,000 new residents a month. The portion of northwest Las Vegas that has been put into the redrawn 1st District had 50,000 residents four years ago.

Why the Democrats' top strategist

Joe Klein: “This rather sour ideology [populism] did have one fleeting moment of high-mindedness a hundred years ago. The Populist Party promoted several programs—the progressive income tax, a central banking system with control over the money supply, antitrust regulation—to provide needed controls over an emerging national economy. These were embraced by Theodore Roosevelt's Republicans and implemented by Woodrow Wilson's Democrats. But the pure strain of populism has always been a bit too harsh, and too easily hijacked by demagogues, to be very successful politically.”

World's Shortest Joke

Noam Chomsky: “Three short steps in [a] led in by three alphabetically consecutive consonants [k,l,m], occlusive, liquid, labial, respectively (that is, progressing from posterior to anterior buccal cavity), act as a ladder, rising to the highest note in the English register [u], which slides in on us over the glistening parquet of the soft sibilant [z], puckering up the mouth in gentle mockery of itself.”