Ugly Europeans

Chris Suellentrop: “Much of what the Ugly Europeans propose isn't out of the mainstream of American political debate: Get tough on crime, promote Christian family values, reform the welfare state, curtail immigration. But the Ugly Europeans' policy inclinations on all those issues stem not from political ideology but from prejudice.”

Well, I don't know about that last sentence. That's an awful broad sweep, as in sweeping under the rug the American politicians' policy inclinations that stem from prejudice. And the source is American. Damnit, I need some British and continental European websites to read. For innoculation from, as well as cure for, the American bias in the sources I'm reading.

New York Sun

Eric Boehlert: “[W]hether or not the slim, narrowly focused paper can find a sizable readership in the city's media-drenched market remains doubtful. If the paper doesn't show marked improvement soon, that $20 million investment will have purchased a pricey footnote in New York's corpse-littered newspaper history.”

Girls Want Sex and More

Marion Botsford Fraser: “Oh yes, the single men we know admire smart, successful women; they choose them as business partners, friends, confidantes and sometime lovers, if they are lucky. But they mate with younger women, fertile or otherwise; sadly, still, the Amandas [from The Bachelor]. Single men who are, in terms of income, power, age, the equals of these women do not see them as potential mates. They see past them, to the young, green crop coming up behind. It's just genetics, some would say.”


Bruce Feirstein: “Terrorized by strong women? I think not. We grew up with them.”

Much to like about the retort to the Maureen Dowd article (linked here). Including profanities (they appeared, uncensored, in the shortened National Post version I read): “I suspect it’s that there’s a larger, darker, unspoken force in play. And naturally, there’s a Hollywood vulgarism to describe it: Women fuck up. Men fuck anything.” And how he speaks for the "loyal opposition" and uses the word "obstreperous", and the somewhat confessional nature of the following quote:

My favorite experience here concerns a woman known for her wit and power mating. One snowy New Year’s Eve, I found myself sitting across from her in a nightclub. And at 3 in the morning—fueled by who-knows-what substances—I turned to her best friend and said, 'You know … Denise really is kind of cute.' (O.K., in broad daylight, it’s a lame line—I admit it.) Upon hearing this, however, the best friend—a woman who had introduced the two of us—seemed to become instantly sober and stern. 'Don’t even think about it," she said. I thought she was kidding. "Why not?' I smiled. The answer was swift and demeaning: 'Because you’re nobody.'"


And of course: “"I always thought that tough, smart, accomplished women were sexy."” Amen, brother. Amen

Le Pen

Anne Applebaum: “Don't overlook the fact that the Trotskyites got 11 percent of the vote in last weekend's presidential poll as well: Above all, this election was a protest against the blandness, the interchangeability, and the suspected corruption of the two centrist parties.”

Playing With Energy

George F. Will: “Although there is drilling for oil and gas in 29 wildlife refuges, the most fiercely contested question about the energy bill was about drilling on one-hundredth of 1 percent of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is described, by people more passionately devoted to preserving it than visiting it, as "pristine." Yes, and the moon's surface is pristine.