Recycling Subsidy

Robert Book: “Since wastepaper is a major input to the production of new paper, municipal sponsorship of recycling provides a significant implicit subsidy to the paper industry.”

It should come as no surprise that the author is an economist from the University of Chicago, which is notorious for it's neoconservative economists (Milton Friedman being the archetype).

Picking up the Pieces

Peter L. Bergen: “If the attackers [on Sept. 11] were not motivated by economic discontent, then, what drove them? Religion, of course -- although not everyone is ready to fully admit the role of Islam in September's attacks. In her essay in How Did This Happen?, for example, the religion scholar Karen Armstrong doth protest too much when she says that the Koran tells Muslims they "may never initiate hostilities ...

Charlton Heston Guns

Bryan Curtis: This section of California state law requires that anyone who represents a threat to others because of a mental disorder or illness can't own a firearm. The state also denies gun ownership to those suffering from any kind of grave illness. For Heston to lose his Second Amendment rights, a court would have to find that he has a grave illness or represents such a threat.”

Mideast Stability

John O'Sullivan: “The United States is in a position to offer an attractive deal to Riyadh: We will protect you against any domestic insurrection provided that you break with the mullahs, end subsidizing terrorism and fundamentalism abroad, bring in liberal reforms of the polity and the economy today -- free speech, freedom of the press, rule of law -- and begin the gradual transformation of the country into a co

Acronym Pronunciations

As a (welcome?) departure from my tales of non-existant woe (ToNEW for short), I hereby give you a Dreamweaver-created (out of laziness) table of the way I pronounce computer-related acronyms. I haven't seen SCSI used very often lately (must be pass� already) but the others are still used pretty often.

Canadian Guys Rule

Leah McLaren: “Last week, The Spectator, a London weekly, published an article I wrote on the romantic ineptitude of the English male. Since then, I've found myself invited to slag off the chinless wonders on TV, radio and the pages of various newspapers. But while it's true that English suitors leave a lot to be desired, at heart I know the real problem lies with me.

We Reinvented the Remix as a Marketing Ploy

Ben Williams: “The debut of Jennifer Lopez's J to Tha L-O! The Remixes at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart earlier this year was just another notch on the career bedpost for the multimedia Latina. But for the art of the remix, it was a milestone: the first time an album composed entirely of remixes hit No. 1 in the United States. Serendipitously enough, Lopez's collection followed directly on the heels of her onetime beau P.