Cougar Night Out

Cougar Night Out by Jack Murnighan

Just going to bring this one to the fore. As a twenty-something Canadian male, I can't claim any experience with the older set. It's probably because "cougars" are in the age group of the vast majority of my co-workers: women in their late 30s or early 40s. So I guess I equate dating a woman of that age with dating a co-worker (in a small workplace, no less).

Mideast Specter

George F. Will: “Saudi Arabia's regime may be changed by reverberations from action against Iraq, particularly if that action is seen to be the prelude to democratization.”

Another article arguing that a side-effect of regime change in Iraq will be regime change in Saudi Arabia, without stating whether this 'side-effect' is indeed an intended effect.

Throttle Open Wide

MidasMulligan: “(We didn't know what had happened after the first one, but after the second I knew immediately is not accidental - you know that distinct noise jet engines make when they open the throttle? That motherfucker actually opened it wide - in essence, floored it - in the last couple of seconds before it hit. Sorry about my language - still hard to even think about this).”

Amis Swings at Hitchens

Martin Amis swings at Stalin and hits his own best friend instead by Anne Applebaum

Christopher Hitchens is one of my favourite authors. Apparently his friend Martin Amis' book about Stalin is crap, which is the point of the above-linked article. Despite what Applebaum writes about Hitchens (and the disagreement I have with much of Hitchens' politics), it doesn't dissuade me from liking Hitchens' rhetorical flair and passionate nonconformity.

Remarkable Conflict of Interest

George F. Will: <q cite=""">Unlike the NFL and the NBA, both of which adopted their basic economic arrangements after (and because of) the advent of television, baseball's economic model predates radio. And flight. And the internal combustion engine. Today, as when the National League was founded in 1879, locally generated revenues stay with the local owner.