Mutual Pity Sex

Mutual pity sex: (n) intercourse that occurs when each participant feels sorry for the other participant(s), for whatever reason (but usually because of lack of sex).

Extremely Attractive Trainee

I had my first extremely attractive trainee today. I wasn't quite sure what to do. Here was this pretty, outgoing, and fun Asian girl. Beautiful eyes, thin but clearly in shape, and the best thing about her: she took off her sandals and sat cross legged in her chair. It was a "this-is-the-way-I-sit-in-a-computer-chair" sit. About twenty minutes in, she mentioned her boyfriend, matter-of-factly, so for about thirty-seconds I felt sucky, because I wasn't going to get a phone number off her. But after that my brain shut off and had fun instead.

The 160

Anybody wanting to get a sense of the diversity of Vancouver should take the 160 bus from downtown to either Coquitlam or Port Coquitlam. Most buses I go on involve going to or from SFU, which means diverse, but rich. On the 160, you get everything. Black, white, Asian, Latino, French, etc. Poor, rich, young old, abled, disabled, noisy, quiet, whiney, bratty. Some people have concealed cell phones, some just have theirs in their hand (ostensibly because it will ring at any second, or because they're in their work—i.e.


I just discovered Blogger the other day, and I think I will use it to document my randomly occurring random thoughts. If you want, you can read about my trip to China, what I think about my credibility at raves [link's dead, therefore removed], incomplete thoughts on music I like [link's dead, therefore removed] and a little ditty on my attraction to Asian women. Otherwise, I'll document my thoughts, if I have any I wish sharing, here.