My Kind of Weather

Sunny and cool, with cloud cover to give us breaks from the unrelenting light from the sun, is my kind of weather. Being naturally warm-bodied, any time the temperature goes above 23° C, I start to shut down. Spring in Vancouver is my favourite place-season, followed closely by fall in Toronto. After moving to Canada's largest and therefore best city in 2015, I came to appreciate what a winter could be like, and the summer thunderstorms that still thrill me when they rattle my chest. Overall, though, I find Toronto weather to be rarely comfortable. Anything colder than -10° C is inhospitable, and complaints should about it should not be met with jokes about how much colder it is where you are.

I very much do not miss Vancouver's rainy season, which is all of them, especially November and December. It must be said that -1° C is closest to the right temperature, something Vancouver gets to often enough in the winter months. The cooler the better for me, since thinking happens better for me in brisk weather.

Some people bemoan having to talk about the weather, and you can sometimes count me among them. I did have that reframed recently, as weather is the one thing that affects almost everybody. And thanks to a generally chaotic environment, there's a constant opportunity to learn new concepts like Colorado low and heat dome.

This is what the clouds looked like in Toronto today. Not perfect, but it gave one something to look at in the sky, at least.

This post was inspired by Jeremy Cherfas’s hosting of the IndieWeb Carnival for September.