Towel Day 2023

I still participate in Towel Day, the annual celebration of the life and works of Douglas Adams. I'm slowly creeping up on the age he died at, and while the celebrations online were numerous in amount, I didn't see hoopy froods in Toronto with their towel. I've also come to advocate for the diminishing role of anniversaries of traumatic events. At least Towel Day happens 2 weeks after anniversary of the author's passing, not the actual anniversary.

A co-worker in the western United States knew where his towel was, so we bonded over that, at least. I took my Vancouver Public Library-commissioned towel to the third space I sometimes work at (during this, my third working from home era, it's actually a second space).

A photo of a towel with a stylized whale on it, draped over a laptop.

I celebrated on the defunct social media site Twitter and made an order for a literary guide map of London featuring places from Douglas Adams' life and works by Yvette Keller. And I purchased my annual ticket to the online event celebrating his life without knowing when or if I'll watch it. I want to continue supporting such a thing, especially if proceeds go to a worthy cause.