Spring Stations 2021

I've taken in every Winter Stations since 2017. It's an art exhibit usually held on Woodbine Beach during the colder months at the start of the year in Toronto. Generally, the art pieces are large, often inviting people to interact with the art directly by going inside it or using the controls to make something happen. I attended last year's event just as the COVID-19 pandemic started, keeping the streak alive. This year, the exhibition was scaled down in number (but thankfully not in size!) and held in Toronto's Historic Distillery District during May through July, and dubbed Spring Stations for the occasion. I love art you can touch or site on or walk inside, and did so with all of the art exhibits this year.

"Throbber" at Spring Stations 2021

"From Small Beginnings" at Spring Stations 2021

"Arc de Blob" at Spring Stations 2021

"The Epitonium" at Spring Stations 2021

I posted more photos of the exhibition on a set at Flickr, and see also 2018 and 2019.