The King-Liberty Village Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge

On a Jane's Walk in 2019, we were walking Wellington Street, which changes to Douro St. at Strachan Ave. and I beheld the King-Liberty Village Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge1. Construction, said the sign, would to complete in Spring 2020. My first photograph of construction was in May, 2019:

King-Liberty Pedestrian Cycle Bridge under construction

Construction, as was just about everything, was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, so every two weeks, I visited the City of Toronto's website on the project, hoping for a new completion date. I took a couple more trips, one in mid-August of last year to see for myself how construction was going, and another during a January day where I needed a long walk, but no word on when it would be ready to cross.

A few days ago, I caught wind through my councillor's tweet that April 19th, today, would be the opening day. I took a bike ride over to see it, and walk across it. It's very spacious inside:

Inside the King-Liberty Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge

And offers a tremendous view of the CN Tower:

The view of the CN Tower from the King-Liberty Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge

Not to mention, railfans could spend a lot of time capturing the commuter and passenger trains that roll by:

GO Train passed under the King-Liberty Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge

It very much needs to have its elevators operational for it to be accessible to all users, but this is a start.

No Wheelchair Access at Stairway

No Elevator Access

People in Liberty Village either got the memo that it was open today or learned that fact when they came up on it, like the woman who asked if it was crossable now. I don't imagine myself going to Liberty Village often, though I'll take every opportunity I get to take a look at the views from it when I'm nearby.

  1. The official name of the bridge doesn't have "Village" in it, but in my mind it does, so that's where my typing fingers always go. ↩︎